1. Can we work with SPS if you are not a member of our G.P.O.?

Yes, we work to compliment group purchasing organizations. Health care facilities become members of GPO’s to save money. We are in the business of helping facilities save money as well. Our customers buy a low volume of high-volume products to supplement additional cost-savings without impacting their GPO compliancy.

2. How long does it take SPS to formulate an offer on the buy back process?

Typically, after the product list is received, you can expect an offer within 48 to 72 hrs.

3. Do you work with expired or reprocessed items?

No, SPS does not take items that are expired, reprocessed or re-sterilized. We only work with in-date and unused surgical disposables that are in the original manufactures packaging.

4. Where does the product come from?

At SPS, we typically purchase this product from facilities like yours and large health systems that undergo conversions, trials, physician departures and contract changes where they find a remaining balance of unused, in-date surplus product. We purchase products from licensed facilities with legitimate title ownership of the merchandise who can confirm that safety, storage, and distribution procedures are being properly enforced.

5. How does SPS Value Surplus?

Our fair market value is based upon a number of factors seen in the pie chart below.

6. Do you work with Capital Equipment?

No, we have industry partners that do. We would be glad to help you market these products for fair market value. Our buy back product focus is on surgical disposables specifically mesh, endo-mechanicals, fixation devices, urology, orthopedic and gynecology products.

7. What happens if there is a recall on a product I’ve purchased?

SPS continuously reviews products for recall. Depending on the type of recall, the product is identified, segregated, and destroyed. When a recall alert is received at SPS, we contact appropriate parties immediately. SPS’s inventory system tracks expiration date, product number, LOT number, as well as package care requirements for each product in the event that scenarios like this do arise.

8. Who warranties the products purchased from Surgical Product Solutions?

In the rare event of a product defect, SPS will replace or provide equal dollar credit for the defected product.

9. What if my order is damaged or incorrect?

Facilities are allowed to return items upon request, including ordering errors. Any facility not satisfied with any device upon receipt will have that device replaced at no charge. Furthermore, if that specific product is not available, SPS will give the facility equal dollar credit towards any other device(s) in inventory. Should any products sold reach its expiration date prior to receipt of that product, SPS will replace the product at no charge and if that specific product is not available, equal dollar credit towards any other device(s) in inventory will be issued.

10. How will my items be shipped?

All orders are shipped FedEx ground unless expedited shipment is requested. FedEx Ground shipments are 2-5 day delivery. Customers who provide Fed Ex or UPS account numbers will be billed directly by the carrier. SPS does not charge a handling fee. All orders after 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time will be shipped next day unless noted. SPS is not responsible for delays in shipping due to orders arriving after 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time.

11. What do I need to do to get started if I have nonmoving inventory?