1. What is Surgical Product Solutions?

Surgical Product Solutions is a worldwide third party distributor for surgical disposables and capital equipment.

2. What products do you purchase?

SPS Purchases unused, in-date surgical disposables as well as capital equipment.


Surgical Disposables focus includes but not limited to:

  • General Surgery
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Orthopedic
  • Wound Care


See our Vendor List for our targeted products.

3. Do you purchase expired or reprocessed items?

We are unable to purchase expired disposables. However, we do purchase reprocessed items.

Feel free to submit your list of items here for a quote.

4. How do I request a quote?

You can send item lists of surgical disposables and capital equipment to info@surgicalproductsolutions.com.


Download our optional Item-List-Template to list your product or contact us for an on-site inventory.


Information needed for disposables:

  • Manufacturers Reference Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Quantity


Information needed for capital equipment:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Condition
5. What percent return do you offer for surplus?

Fair market value is based upon a number of factors seen in the pie chart below.

6. How do I view your inventory to find products to purchase?

You can download our product catalog which is broken down by manufacturer, outfit with all necessary product information. You can also access the online store, or speak with your Account Manager to search our inventory.

7. Why are there additional letters on the manufacturer’s reference number?

We utilize the manufacturer reference numbers to align our inventory. However, on some items there are additional letters. Here is what they mean.


  • -E Although we are an “each” company, if product checks in as a full box we keep it that way. The -E represents the “each” version, of product we also sell in a full box or case.
  • -R Represents a product has been resterilized.
  • -RP Indicates a product has been reprocessed.
  • -EQUIP Product for sale from Equipment division.
8. How do I place an order?

We fit right in to your current ordering process whether you are calling in your orders, placing your orders online here, sending an email, faxing, or utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

9. What are your payment methods?

We accept Purchase Orders with set Net payment terms. Other options include PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. Wire transfer is available upon request.

10. How fast will my order ship?

If your order is completed and submitted to our warehouse by 4:30 PM EST we will ship your order out same day. Orders received post 4:30 PM EST will ship next business day.


Need your product by a certain day or time? Let us know, we accommodate ground and expedited shipping methods for both FedEx and UPS.

11. What if my order is damaged/incorrect? Do you have a return policy?

In the event there is an issue with your order, contact your Sales Representative immediately. Facilities can return items upon request. If you are not satisfied with any product upon receipt, we will replace the product or issue a credit reimbursement.

12. What happens during a recall?

Our system allows for full transparency of recall affected LOT numbers that have been distributed from our warehouse. Appropriate measures will be taken when a recall alert is received, and you will be notified immediately if necessary.